PCH & Baja Divide - Challenge Update. Be inspired by the adventures and challnges of women from around the world. By noon on day 2 of my Baja Divide FKT, I’ve already ridden what took us a full week to tour. I’m moving by 3AM. Find his guide to sourcing a cheap board, making a DIY rack, and finding the best waves in Baja here… I find the only 24 hour convenience store to resupply. Lael called this morning while riding the pavement out of Vizcaino. The Future of Van Life Is Here. On a $100 budget, Dan Stranahan bought a used surfboard and built a homemade rack to haul it on his bike so he could ride between surf spots on the Baja Divide’s Cape Loop. The new pattern of sleeping early and rising early is working great. Yesterday, Julia Vallera shared her artwork and illustrated photography from her bikepacking trip along Mexico’s Baja Divide. Up Next: Lael Wilcox Scorches First-Ever FKT For ‘Baja Divide ’ GearJunkie Video ― × Top Trending on GearJunkie. The show features the amazing people who participate in these activities and contribute so greatly to the cycling community. Baja Divide. I am so grateful for the paved miles out of town. The ten miles out of Rancho Meling are insanely steep short climbs and descents. Accommodation has been booked for Canada 4th - 10th September (It’s going to cost CAD385/GBP£219- I’m going to put this amount in a savings account so I know this has been paid for) Cost of travel from the airport to accommodation is either CAD $8.75 by train and takes about 40 minutes. I pass the turn off to San Rafael after sunrise. In 2015, Wilcox set the women's record for the fastest time on the Baja Divide route, which runs from San Diego, California through San Jose del Cabo and on to La Paz, Mexico. FKT fastest known time Lael_Wilcox - Baja Divide FKT individual history by trackleaders.com Pete_Basinger - Baja Divide FKT individual history by trackleaders.com Looks like Pete Basingr is about 51 minutes ahead of record pace. Posted on March 4, 2017 by gypsybytrade. Also, follow the video link below to see the crowd of people that were waiting for Lael in Vicente Guerrero at the end of day 2. Lael Wilcox Baja Divide FKT: Vicente Guerrero. June 25, 2018. She finished the ride in 11 days, 13 hours, and 2 minutes after departing Tecate, BC, MX in the early morning hours of March 2. I pedal over a grassy field past citrus trees. Archive. There, a crowd of more than 20 people had assembled near the river. As the sun settled in the west, long rays traveled up the Santo Domingo arroyo. Children were throwing stones and adults were standing, watching in quiet conversation. Nothing is easy on the Baja Divide. However, I grew to understand just how talented he is when I watched him accomplish the FKT on the Baja Divide this December. Baja Divide FKT Day 7: Lavanya! The only review I've seen has been on a prototype used on the Baja Divide race. Today we find out more about Big Gurl, the mud-dodging Surly Pugsley she modified for the ride, her favourite Nairo Quintana baseball cap, and how she ended up with those trippy sunglasses… NORDEST Britango Review: Down and Backcountry. Most impressive is that prior to his ride, Pete had never seen the Baja Divide and felt unprepared, physically speaking. I ride the remaining miles into Vizcaino in the early morning hours and make it to town before 5AM. Over the next three years, I continued traveling around the world on my bike and started entering bikepacking races – first racing the Holyland Challenge in Israel, then setting the women’s record on the Tour Divide, winning the Trans Am, helping to design the Baja Divide bikepacking route in Mexico, and setting an FKT (Fastest Known Time) on that course. We rode for two months, leap frogging riders all down the way. Lael Wilcox Baja Divide FKT: Vizcaino. It was not a race, rather an opportunity to meet folks, make friends and explore magnificent terrain and culture. Please reload. In 2018, Wilcox became only the second female to complete Switzerland's Navad 1000 bikepacking race, finishing in second place. I grind my knees up most of them and have to push two or three pitches. Campfires & Camaraderie on the Baja Divide. Lael Wilcox is a force to be reckoned with. I don’t dread the nights and I actually enjoy the dark early morning hours on the bike. Riding it in 11 days, 11 hours, and 2 minutes, he beat Lael’s record riding each day with fewer than five hours of sleep. 15) Lael Wilcox Scorches First-Ever FKT For ‘Baja Divide’ The newly christened 1,500-mile route from Southern California into Mexico has a champion: Her name Lael Wilcox. Salvador from FASS Bike has been a huge advocate of the Baja Divide and has succeeded in sharing the details of Lael’s ride to the local riding community. But they developed a taste for fatties during a Great Divide tour through the States. Maybe I could try that, start with the easy ones that I can tear with my teeth like Snickers and gradually move up to taped up, tri-colour Mexican flag coconut fudge. I give it a go, it works well. Lael will pass this junction this morning en route to San Ignacio. September 24, 2020. Lael Wilcox Baja Divide FKT: Los Barriles. Yesterday, Julia Vallera shared her artwork and illustrated photography from her bikepacking trip along Mexico’s Baja Divide. Anfang des Monats rollte Pete in San Jose del Cabo, Mexiko, ein und brach den bisherigen Baja Divide FKT Rekord, der von Lael Wilcox gehalten wurde, um fast zwei Stunden. Back on January 5, 2018, Pete rolled into San Jose del Cabo, Mexico breaking the previous Lael Wilcox Departs Tecate on Baja Divide FKT Attempt. Franzi and Jona, who were some of the first riders on the Baja Divide route this fall, recently released a short film called “Riding the Baja Divide”… Read more “Video feature by Tales on Tyres: Riding the Baja Divide” March 16, 2017 March 16, 2017 by gypsybytrade. April 4, 2017 - Whitney Ford-Terry is an Adventure Cycling Tours Specialist.. On January 2, 2017, a group of nearly 100 bikepackers gathered in downtown San Diego for the Baja Divide Grand Depart.Nicolas Carman welcomed the mingling crowd with a few words about the route and that evening’s group camp. But it doesn't have a single rope. With accolades that include setting the women’s record for bicycling (or bikepacking, as it’s called now) the mountainous Tour Divide from Canada to Mexico; overall (men and women) winner of the 2016 Trans Am Bike Race, a self-supported road race across America; and the fastest known time (FKT) on the Baja Divide in Mexico, Lael is a pretty unique athlete. Als er den Rekord aufstellte, fuhr Pete ein Titan 29+ Fahrrad mit 3.0″ Reifen und einer starren Gabel. Still lots to do - but here is a brief update! The Desert del Vizcaino is a vast and sandy place. Endurance bikepacker, FKT holder on the Trans Am Bike Race, Tour Divide and Baja Divide Trails. Way to go Pete Basinger, cleaning up the Baja Divide with the new FKT 11 days 11 hours, two hours ahead of Lael Wilcox's impressive finish this spring! A new Minneapolis climbing gym will have 20,000 feet of climbing space, a yoga studio, free weights. Cycling the Pacific Coast Highway & the Baja Divide! Baja Divide FKT Day 6: To Vizcaino Alejandro at the Piedra Blanca snack stand. Posted on March 13, 2017 by gypsybytrade. Even the descents are full of climbs. She sounded good, her voice was hoarse but her breathing was fine. Over 200 interivews done with; adventurors, explorers, athletes, challengers, runners, swimmers, mountaineers, sailors, cyclists etc Like many of the people we have come across, these folks were familiar with the basics of the Baja Divide route, having already met numerous cyclists who traveled past their home earlier in the year. If you are planning on doing it, there is a wealth of free information on their website: https://bajadivide.com.The creators of the route are Nick Carman and Lael Wilcox.They have provided a comprehensive Route Guide as well as as a resupply chart. I could use some water, but I don’t want to waste any time, so I keep moving. Lael Wilcox has established a fastest known time (FKT) on the Baja Divide route, arriving in Plaza Mijares in San Jose del Cabo at 6:14PM local time on March 13, 2017. For the first time in days, I’m back in cell phone service. The pair logged over 35,000 km (almost 28,000 miles) on mountain-bikes previously. Link is here: Bikes or Death is a podcast centered around the growing sport of bikepacking, adventure cycling, and the outdoors. She will finish later today, 11 days and some hours after leaving Tecate. She sounds good, and since I’m always listening for that raspy voice that gasps for air, I listen closely. I watched her skillfully eat an assortment of intricately packaged snacks on her bike. Baja Divide FKT On January 2, 2017, Nick and I met 96 riders in downtown San Diego to ride the Baja Divide, a 1700 mile dirt route that we mapped down the Baja peninsula. ... Ashly Winchester - Ultra runner focused on FKT’s (Fastest Known Times) & Host of Womxn Of The Wild Podcast. The Baja Divide is not a route that we created… it is one that we followed – and really enjoyed! And It’s Electric! Navad 1000. I have one on pre-order. Follow Lael’s Baja Divide FKT attempt on Trackleaders.com. I buy more food than I can pack, eat a cup of noodles, drink some yogurt and hit the pavement. In 2017, she broke the men's record as well. Lael is 91 miles from the finish at San Jose del Cabo. Three days ago we rode for a few hours with Lael during her Baja Divide FKT attempt. The father specifically made mention of Lael , one of the founders of the route, remembering her from when she did here FKT ( fastest known time ) run in March. Posted on March 8, 2017 by gypsybytrade. Lael called yesterday as she was riding into La Paz, I hadn’t spoken to her since San Ignacio.